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Guide To Motorbikes AND Scooters

There are a number of different types of motorbikes available in the UK today, with the main distinction being road motorcycles and off-road motorcycles. Obviously, the most popular motorcycles amongst enthusiasts, commuters and leisure riders are road motorcycles, which are designed for use on paved roads.

Road motorcycles have smooth tires with a light tread pattern and their engines generally fall into in the 125cc and over range. Most road motorcycles can reach speeds of up to 100mph with many reaching speeds in excess of 125mph. There are a range of motorcycles within the road motorcycle category, including:


These motorcycles include classic mid-20th century motorbikes such as the Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior and Henderson, although more recent models benefit from technological and design advances. The riding position on these motorbikes places the feet forward, the hands up, with the spine straight or leaning back slightly, which some riders find more comfortable when they are travelling long distances.

Sport bikes

Sometimes known as performance bikes, sport bikes are smaller and lighter than cruisers, and are in effect consumer versions of the bikes used in motorcycle racing. The riding position for this type of motorcycle places the feet towards the back, the hands low and the spine inclined forward. Sportbikes include Ducati, Buell, Suzuki and Honda motorbikes, and all are capable of very high speeds.

Touring motorcycles

Characterised by wind protection for the rider, such as a windscreen or fairing, touring motorcycles have high capacity fuel tanks for long distance riding and can carry luggage on panniers or in a topbox. These specialist motorbikes, which include the Honda Goldwig and the BMW R100RS, have a comfortable riding position and are popular with motorbike enthusiasts who want to take their bike a long way.

Street bikes

Street bikes are a basic form of the motorcycle that are designed for funtionalilty, performance and ergonomics rather than a trendy body parts and extras. Examples of street bikes include the Yamaha FZ1, Honda 919, Honda 599 and Suzuki SV650.


Similar to motorcycles, scooters have wheels, automatic transmissions, small engines, usually less than 125cc, and a running-board allowing the rider to travel with both feet on the board and their knees together. Examples of popular scooters include the Honda Silver Wing, Honda Reflex, and the Suzuki Burgman.


A moped is a cross between a bicycle and a motorcycle. It is equipped with a small engine of up to 50 cc and pedals so motive power can be supplied by the engine or the rider, or both.

In contrast to these road motorcycles, you could choose an off-road motorbike that have a number of characteristics such as light weight, small engine, high ground clearance, rugged construction, little bodywork, and large wheels.

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